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Castlevania : Lords of Shadow 2
ps3Atelier Rorona : The Alchemist of ArlandGestion2009Haganeren
ps3Atelier Totori : The Alchemist of ArlandGestion2010Haganeren
ps3Batman : Arkham AsylumBeat 'em all2009Weldar
ps3BlazBlue : Calamity TriggerCombat2008Haganeren
ps3BlazBlue : Continuum ShiftCombat2009Haganeren
ps3Castlevania : Lords of ShadowAction/Aventure2010Reven Niaga
ps3Castlevania : Lords of Shadow 2Action/Aventure2014Weldar
ps3CatherinePuzzle game2012Ice
ps3Enslaved : Odyssey to the WestBeat 'em all2010Haganeren
ps3Eternal SonataRPG2008Reven Niaga
ps3Final Fantasy XIIIRPG2009Haganeren
ps3Final Fantasy XIII-2RPG2011Haganeren
ps3Hard Corps UprisingAction/Plateforme2011Haganeren
ps3L.A. NoireAction/Aventure2011Weldar
ps3Lightning Returns : Final Fantasy XIIIRPG2013Haganeren
ps3Mini NinjasBeat 'em all2009Reven Niaga
ps3Mirror's EdgeFPS/TPS2008Ice
ps3Resonance of FateRPG2010Ice
ps3Sine MoraShoot 'em up2012Haganeren
ps3Star Ocean 4RPG2010Reven Niaga
ps3Tales of XilliaRPG2011Haganeren
ps3The King of Fighters XIICombat2009Haganeren
ps3The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold SteelRPG2013Haganeren
ps3The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IIRPG2014Haganeren
ps3The Tomb Raider TrilogyAction/Plateforme2011Haganeren
ps3Thomas was AlonePlateforme2013Haganeren
ps3Tomb Raider ( 2013 )Action/Aventure2013Haganeren
ps3Valkyria ChroniclesT-RPG2008Haganeren