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Final Fantasy XIII-2
pc1000 ampsPlateforme2012Reven Niaga
pcAlice : An Interactive MuseumAventure1991Folkefiende
pcAnalogue : A Hate StoryAventure2012Haganeren
pcAnother World : 15th Anniversary EditionAction/Plateforme2007Folkefiende
pcAxiom VergeAction/Plateforme2015Weldar
pcBatman : Arkham AsylumBeat 'em all2009Weldar
pcBit.Trip BEATRythme2009Costiome
pcCastlevania : Lords of Shadow 2Action/Aventure2014Weldar
pcChaos on DeponiaAventure2012Haganeren
pcCorpse Party - Rebuilt -Survival horror2012Haganeren
pcCorpse Party : Blood CoveredSurvival horror2008Haganeren
pcDigital : A Love StoryAventure2010Haganeren
pcDouble SpoilerShoot 'em up2010Haganeren
pcEastern Mind : The Lost Souls of Tong-NouAventure1995Folkefiende
pcFairy WarsShoot 'em up2010Haganeren
pcFinal Fantasy XIIIRPG2014Haganeren
pcFinal Fantasy XIII-2RPG2014Haganeren
pcG-DariusShoot 'em up2000Haganeren
pcGoodbye DeponiaAventure2013Haganeren
pcHarry Potter à l'École des SorciersAction/Aventure2001Drake
pcHarry Potter et la Chambre des SecretsAction/Aventure2002Drake
pcHarry Potter et le Prisonnier d'AzkabanAction/Aventure2004Drake
pcHatoful Kareshi ~Kibou no Gakuen to Shiroi Tsubasa~Aventure2011Folkefiende
pcHopeless MasqueradeCombat2013Haganeren
pcI Have no Mouth, and I Must ScreamAventure1992Haganeren
pcImmaterial And Missing PowerCombat2004Haganeren
pcImperishable NightShoot 'em up2004Haganeren
pcJ.B. Harold Murder ClubAventure1989Dreamboum
pcL.A. NoireAction/Aventure2011Weldar
pcLes cochons de guerreStratégie2000Kurida
pcLightning Returns : Final Fantasy XIIIRPG2015Haganeren
pcLIMBO Plateforme2010Haganeren
pcLittle Big AdventureAction/Aventure1994Haganeren
pcLittle Big Adventure 2Action/Aventure1997Haganeren
pcLittle InfernoPuzzle game2012Reven Niaga
pcMaldita CastillaAction/Plateforme2012Weldar
pcMecha RitzShoot 'em up2015Haganeren
pcMecha Ritz : Steel RondoShoot 'em up2016Haganeren
pcMirror's EdgeFPS/TPS2008Ice
pcMountain of FaithShoot 'em up2007Haganeren
pcNeverwinter Nights 2 : Mask of the BetrayerRPG2007Ralph
pcNew Legend of HeroesRPG1997Haganeren
pcNinja Gaiden II : The Dark Sword of ChaosAction/Plateforme1991Haganeren
pcNo one has to dieAutre2013Haganeren
pcOrcs Must Die !Beat 'em all2011Costiome
pcPerfect Cherry BlossomShoot 'em up2003Haganeren
pcPersian WarsStratégie2001Kurida
pcPhantasmagoria of Flower ViewShoot 'em up2005Haganeren
pcPrince of PersiaAction/Plateforme1990Haganeren
pcPrince of Persia 2 : The Shadow And The FlameAction/Plateforme1993Haganeren
pcPuzzle AgentAventure2010Costiome
pcPyongyang RacerCourse2012Folkefiende
pcScarlet Weather RhapsodyCombat2008Haganeren
pcShoot the BulletShoot 'em up2005Haganeren
pcSpecial Force 2: Tale of the Truthful PledgeFPS/TPS2007Folkefiende
pcSubterranean AnimismShoot 'em up2008Haganeren
pcSuperbrothers : Sword & Sworcery EPAction/Aventure2012Haganeren
pcSystem ShockFPS/TPS1994Haganeren
pcTeam Fortress 2FPS/TPS2007Weldar
pcTen DesiresShoot 'em up2011Haganeren
pcThe Book of Unwritten TalesAventure2009Reven Niaga
pcThe Elder Scroll : ArenaRPG1994Haganeren
pcThe Elder Scroll II : DaggerfallRPG1996Haganeren
pcThe Elder Scrolls III : MorrowindRPG2002Haganeren
pcThe Embodiment of Scarlet DevilShoot 'em up2002Haganeren
pcThe Legend of Heroes III : Prophecy of the Moonlight WitchRPG1999Haganeren
pcThe Legend of Heroes IV : A Tear of VermillionRPG2000Haganeren
pcThe Legend of Heroes V : Song of the OceanRPG1999Haganeren
pcThe Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - First ChapterRPG2004Haganeren
pcThe Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - Second ChapterRPG2006Haganeren
pcThe Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - The 3rdRPG2007Haganeren
pcThe Misadventure of P.B. WinterbottomPlateforme2008Reven Niaga
pcThe Tiny Bang TheoryPuzzle game2011Costiome
pcThe White ChamberAventure2005Haganeren
pcThomas was AlonePlateforme2012Haganeren
pcTomb RaiderAction/Plateforme1996Haganeren
pcTomb Raider LegendsAction/Plateforme2006Haganeren
pcTouhou HisōtensokuCombat2009Haganeren
pcUltima II: The Revenge of the EnchantressRPG1983Haganeren
pcUndefined Fantastic ObjectShoot 'em up2009Haganeren
pcVampire The Masquerade : BloodlinesA-RPG2004Ralph
pcXanadu NextA-RPG2005Haganeren
pcYs EternalA-RPG1998Haganeren
pcYs Eternal IIA-RPG2000Haganeren
pcYs I & II Chronicles +A-RPG2013Haganeren
pcYs I & II CompleteA-RPG2001Haganeren
pcYs VI : The Ark of NapishtimA-RPG2003Haganeren
pcZeno ClashBeat 'em all2009Costiome
pcZeroRangerShoot 'em up2018Haganeren
pcZork Nemesis : The Forbidden LandsAventure1996Reven Niaga